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(Graduation project)

Penguins in bikinis, a piggy bank made from a plastic bottle or the Mona Lisa enjoying a piece of cake.

You may be thinking, what do these things have to do with each other? They are all editorial illustrations of my project “Dagklad. I tried to capture people’s attention and make them curious. Dagklad is a collection of experimental editorial illustrations. A journey through time where I address different topics that have been in the news in the past six months. Some you may even recognize!

As a creator, I’ve always been very curious. I want to know what is happening around me. During an “editorial illustration” workshop, I found out that I am very interested in portraying news articles. This also aligned well with the way I like to work, creating illustrations quickly with tight deadlines.


To keep myself busy during the graduation project 'Dagklad' I started a 2nd project: Cucumber Time (komkommertijd). Cucumber time is my moments of rest, brain farts and sketches to get rid of graduation if it didn't work out for a while and get back into a new creative flow. This gives space and peace to continue working on my project in a structured way and also to have fun with it.

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