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Buur Natuur (Neighbour nature)

Buur Natuur (neighbour nature) is a project in which Evelien Zijlema wanted to create a new and greener design for the Tramsingel in Breda. For this, we have made the 4 images on the left to give an impression of what it can look like.

For more work from Evelien Zijlema:


Studio Zeef: Curio Fridge

During my internship at school, I set up a studio with three other students to introduce us to the field of work. Studio Zeef. For example, we were allowed to paint a refrigerator for Curio in Breda which you can see on the left. 



My housemates wanted a house sweater and asked me to make a design for it. Here you can see the result. Each sign represents something in the house. Let me know if you want to know what it means!

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